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State of Vermont, Property Valuation and Review (PVR)

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Lister and Assessor Handbook

Vermont Property Appraiser Certification Program Application

Vermont Property Assessor Certification Program for Listers and Assessors




Employment Opportunities

VALA is dedicated to the education and training of Assessment personnel throughout Vermont. VALA is also committed in assisting valuable Assessing officials in the quest for employment.

This forum lists employment opportunities that are available in the search of well trained and dedicated individuals looking for employment in the Grand List maintenance field.

Job Announcement – Brattleboro – Assessor Technician

Job Announcement – New Hampshire – Assistant Assessor

Job Announcement – Town of Randolph – Full Time Assessor

Parcel Mapping

Listers and assessors play a key role in municipal parcel mapping in Vermont. They are often the stewards of a town’s Grand List  and other source information relied upon to make and maintain maps, whether performed by the town itself or their contracted map vendor. These maps are increasingly digital and more powerfully still, in a GIS format that allows them to be related with other useful information, including the grand list itself.

The State of Vermont has standardized and combined individual town parcel maps and published them online in GIS format, joined with an annual grand list via the SPAN number and as submitted by the town to the Tax Department. These parcel data can be viewed in the Vermont Parcel Viewer, a web map that displays the best available grand list-joined digital parcel data throughout the state.

If you are a lister or assessor and would like to learn more your important role in digital parcel mapping, or learn more about the statewide parcel program that aims to publish current and reliable grand list-joined parcel data available in GIS format for every town in Vermont, visit the program’s page here.

Sample Documents

Examples of documents utilized by VALA members during normal workday activities.

2017 Sales Verification Form Buyer

2017 Sales Verification Form Letter

2017 Sales Verification Form Seller

Percent Complete Form (as a follow-up to the Permit Letter Sample below)

Permit Letter Sample (Under Construction Letter)

Reappraisal Contract Guidelines 2009

Request For Proposals

RFP for reval.





Town of Isle La Motte reappraisal letter-1

Case Library

Historical examples of property assessing litigation from around the state.

Monkton – Venner/Cota Appeal
Alexander v Town of Barton 1989
Cota Venner response to PVR
Dewey v Town of Waitsfield 2007
Gabriel Martinez v. Town of Hartford.Property Valuation and Review Division
Irasburg Church Camp Exemption 2013
Leased Camps Colchester Decision 4-4-12
Sigler Foundation v Town of Norwich – Exemptions
Tax Sale Case
Town of Castleton v Parento 2009
TransCanada Hydro Northeast v Town of Rockingham 2016
Wenner Cota Hearing Officer Decision
Venner Cota Motion For Reconsideration Decision
Williams v Town of Lyndon 2004

RFP Listings

VALA recognizes the importance of maintaining the Grand List. One large task required in Grand List maintenance is Municipality wide reappraisals.
This forum gathers examples of Request for Proposals (RFP) for reappraisal that may assist in the quest for solid reappraisal contracts.