PVR Announces Grand List Software Selection


The Vermont Department of Taxes is pleased to announce it has selected Axiomatic LLC of Portsmouth, N.H., to develop the State of Vermont’s modernized statewide Integrated Property Tax Management and Grand List Software (IPTMS). The Department will work with Axiomatic, local officials and partner vendors to develop a new platform to save time and money and provide greater insights and utility to state and local officials. 

In the initial phase of the project, the Department and Axiomatic will collaborate remotely. Towns will not be immediately impacted with any additional work at a time when they are managing responses to COVID-19.

The final selection is a result of a rigorous evaluation process. Throughout this project the department solicited involvement and input from local officials. An independent review of the system also anticipates increased accuracy, improved customer service, greater system reliability, data security and privacy. 

The total cost of the five-year project contract is $1.6 million, with anticipated “go-live” of the system in late 2021 and early 2022. Please visit our website at https://tax.vermont.gov/municipal-officials/iptms  for more information and guidance, including project updates and timelines. Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

Our selection of Axiomatic was highly influenced by their subject matter expertise, strong recommendations from their state clients and local assessing officials, and understanding of the needs of Vermont town and state users. The usability and support for town officials has been our first priority, and we are confident state and local officials will see great improvement in their interactions with our division and this product. 

In partnership with VLCT, PVR will be hosting informational webinars for town officials April 29 and 30, so stay tuned for more information and how to register. 

Thank you,
Jill and PVR Team

Jill Remick | Director
Property Valuation and Review Division | Vermont Department of Taxes
(802) 828-6639 | 133 State Street | Montpelier, VT 05633-1401 | tax.vermont.gov