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Robert and Sherry Lewton from Stowe, VT

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Our 2022 ANNUAL CONFERENCE was held on September 16th

at the Capitol Plaza.

Lister of the Year, the Michael P. Cyprian Award was awarded to Jean Newell

  • Guest Speakers

John Fike, Lister Reading VT: ‘25 Years Since the Brigham Decision – Where We’ve Been’

John Valente, Safeground Analytics: ‘Assessing in 2022 – Where We’re Going’

  • Breakout Sessions

‘Understanding Lease Types and How The Income Approach is Influenced by Lease Agreements’ -John Vickery, Burlington Assessor

‘Strategies for Recruiting A New Lister’ -Chris Miele, NEMRC

‘Shared Assessor Model and M.O.U.’ -Terri Sabens, Municipal Assessor

‘Beginning a Town Wide Reappraisal: A Primer on the Process’ -Christie Wright, PVR and Terri Gildersleeve, PVR

‘How Towns Could Share Assessment  Services and Technologies’ – John Valente, Safeground Analytics


VALA 2021 Annual Conference in Review

Watch a recording of the conference using this link. You will need to sign in to watch the video.

AGENDA  2021 Annual Conference

Slate of Officers as Approved at the Annual Conference

    • President: Lisa Wright
    • Vice-President: Cheryl Tudhope
    • Secretary: Stacey Bradley
    • Treasurer: Lisa Truchon

Links to slide presentations from the Conference:

— VCGI: “The Good , the Bad, and the missing. VT’s Parcel Data and the role of Listers in improving Data Quality” slides from Tim Terway and Chaveli Miles, VCGI

— CAI Technologies: “Using GIS To Support Municipal Operations” slides from Aaron Weston, CAI Technologies

— Axiomatic & PVR: “Axiomatic and VT-PIE Questions and Answers” slides from Patrick Santoso, Axiomatic and Jill Remick, PVR Director

“Promoting the Assessment Profession to Younger Generations” from Terri Sabens, Ed Clodfelter, Christie Wright, and Deanna Robitaille

VALA 2020 Annual Conference in Review

Our VALA Virtual Annual Conference was held on September 18, 2020 via Zoom.

2020 VALA Annual Conference Recording Link

2020 VALA Annual Conference Minutes

Slate of Officers as Approved at the Annual Conference

  • President: Lisa Wright
  • Vice-President: Thomas Vickery
  • Secretary: Cheryl Tudhope
  • Treasurer: Lisa Truchon

VALA BY-LAWS as Approved at the Annual Conference

APPEAL BEST PRACTICES  PDF by Christie Wright & Deanna Robitaille from PVR

A REAPPRAISAL CONTRACT PDF by Teri Gildersleeve from PVR