President's Message

I hope all finds you well and having a good holiday season full of eggnog and jolly.
It has been in interesting year of change and growth. VALA had a great conference with many new partnerships, updated the website, we are adding a credit card payment services thru the website and took an active role in testifying and working with legislators on changes for this past legislative season, which were:
• “Nonresidential” to “Non-Homestead,” Act 46 (H.536), Sec. 1-2
• Current Use Definitions, Act 51 (H.514) Sec. 34
• Current Use, Land Use Change Tax Liens, Act 20, (S.154)
• Definition: Homestead, Act 51 (H.514) Sec. 22 to include widow rights
• Definition: Household Income, Act 51 (H.514) Sec. 23
• Definition: Income Sensitivity Adjustment, Act 51 (H.514) Secs. 29-33
• Set Education Property Tax Rates for 2020, Act 46 (H.536), Sec. 6
• Land Gains Tax Modernization, Act 71 (H.541) Secs. 16-17
• Common Level of Appraisal Districts, Act 51 (H.514) Sec. 25-27
• Distribution of Property Tax Adjustments, Act 51 (H.514) Sec. 28, Increasing the frequency of payments to monthly
• Reappraisals, Act 51 (H.514) Sec. 24 adding an upper limit to CLA requirements
• Fee Waiver for Property Tax Appeals, Act 51 (H.514) Sec. 3

As we go forward into our new grand list and legislative year- 2020, we will continue to advocate for good assessment practices and provide great educational opportunities to our membership. We also continue to strive to education those in government and the public on the process of good assessment to promote professionalism in our assessment community.

Your VALA Presidency wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
May you have the best year ever!

Michelle Wilson
President, VALA

Our Mission and Vision

VALA Mission Statement
Vermont Assessors and Listers Association’s mission is to advocate for the
recognition of Listers and Assessors as qualified property valuation authorities
throughout Vermont.

VALA Vision Statement
Vermont Assessors and Listers Association’s vision is to continue the advancement
of fair and equitable property assessment standards through continuing education
and member support for all property valuation professionals, in conjunction with
advocating for fair and equitable taxation practices as it relates to property

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President / VP Transition Meeting

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Feb 13

VLCT Local Government Day

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